Sambo's 903 Drive-In is the home of the South's favorite burgers, sandwiches, and breakfasts.

We have been family owned and operated for over 50 years. Call ahead for fast service on eating in, taking out or curb service.

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In loving memory of Sambo Faile.


"Best Burger in Dixie"


In the August / September 2014 "Southern Food Issue" of Garden & Gun magazine, Sambo's 903 Drive-In received their "Dixie's Best Burgers" award. We are proud to not only have become an institution in the city of Lancaster, but in the great state of South Carolina as well. We offer thanks to our many loyal customers and look forward to continuing to serve you the South's best food.

Sambo's also enjoys a solid 4.5 rating on Trip Advisor as well as a 4.6 rating on Facebook.

From Nikki Haley


Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and former South Carolina Congressman Mick Mulvaney each sent Sambo's 903 Drive-In letters congratulating us on our 45th anniversary and the award we received from "Garden & Gun" Magazine.

Governor Haley wrote "Your commitment to good food and good service has made Sambo's an important fixture in the Lancaster community and helped the restaurant build the reputation it so richly deserves."

From Mick Mulvaney


In his letter, Congressman Mulvaney noted that "It's really about the family environment they create that makes you feel at home when you pull into the parking lot."

He also noted the fact that "Sambo and his team run a business the way it ought to be run, providing good food, good service, and a welcome environment for folks when they walk through the door."

The Lancaster News

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The Lancaster News published an extensive article commemorating our 45th anniversary, "Sambo's 903 Drive-In Celebrates 45 Years with Regional Honor."

In the article, Sambo Faile explained the restaurant's philosophy: "We still make food the old-timey way. We cut the french fries out of real potatoes and make the hamburgers by hand. I've been using the same grill for 25 years."